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HUBER+SUHNER Radio frequency - Seite 39

Series MMBX – micro miniature board connectors Description HUBER+SUHNER MMBX connectors are especially developed for board-to-board and board-to-module RF interconnections. Along with MBX the board-to-board portfolio of HUBER+SUHNER provides highest flexibility for today´s and future radio module applications. MMBX connectors offer an operation frequency up to 12.4 GHz. The series contains of a wide range of board and cable connectors with a minimum board-to-board distance of only 6.7 mm. Content Description Design guideline Technical data Cable connectors Receptacles with solder end PCB connectors Adaptors within series Assembly and disassembly tools 39 40 41 44 44 45 48 48 Characteristics Frequency Axial float (misalignment) Radial float (misalignment) Minimum board-to-board distance Minimum panel-to-board distance Minimum panel-to-panel distance Power Requirements DC . 12.4 GHz ± 0.3 mm depending on the adaptor ± 0.4 mm (at 6.7 mm board-to-board distance) 6.7 mm 4.63 mm 2.56 mm typical 260 W at 2.4 GHz at room temperature HUBER+SUHNER RF connectors MMBX 39 MMBX

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